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Folk music fireworks!

TUVA SYVERTSEN fiddle, Harding fiddle, vocals MAGNUS LARSEN JR double bass ERIK SOLLID fiddle, Harding fiddle, mandolin, vocals MARTIN LANGLIE drums

The Valkyrien Allstars are known as one of the country's best live bands, and since their first record in 2007 they have been at the forefront of the development of arranged folk music. The band has gone in new directions with each release, and has ended up with a musical signature they don't share with anyone. The band consists of Tuva Syvertsen, Magnus Larsen Jr, Erik Sollid and Martin Langlie, who together create and arrange the songs that are thematically about eternal love and mysteries that are never solved. Both on record and on stage, energy, fervour, and surprising twists float on a bed of sparkling interplay.

«Den suverene frontfiguren Tuva Syvertsen i Valkyrien Allstars har sammen med sine tre gode venner begått noe som likner mistenkelig på et mesterverk.» - Nettavisen

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