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Volunteer @ Nattjazz? Count me in!

Unfortunately, we do not have room for more volunteers! Join us next year 🥳

✓The world's best volunteers ✓5 days free festival!

✓Free admission LilleBØ ✓Discount at Royal Gourmetburger & Gin

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​Nattjazz has over 200 volunteer employees every year during the festival, which lasts for 9 days in 2024, a fantastic group that makes Nattjazz the country's best jazz festival. This year, as you know, the festival lasts from Friday 24 May to Saturday 1 June, but we also need employees before and after the festival. As a Jazz Jobber for Nattjazz, you get a free pass to the entire festival + a couple of extra benefits (!). In addition, we have our own volunteer café (open on selected days) and we also organize our own parties for jazz workers, which are worth attending!

As a volunteer, you also get free entry on one of the days at LilleBØ: Bergen Ølfestival's intimate festival in Hallen USF on the last two days of Nattjazz (NB! 18-year-old age limit).

Royal Gourmet Burger & Gin
As a volunteer, you get a 25% discount during the entire festival! Show off your volunteer wrist band. 🙂

Volunteer Front 2023_edited.jpg

As a volunteer employee at Nattjazz, you are part of the festival's hosting. Our most important task is to create the conditions for our guests; the public, musicians and members of the press, get a super experience when they are at Nattjazz. All the employees belong to different groups with their specific tasks. More details and training will be provided before you go on duty. As a volunteer employee, you always work under a responsible boss, and you are well looked after throughout the shift. Everyone gets food and drink when they are at work.


Read the information at the top of the form carefully!

NB! Remember to upload a portrait of yourself. If you have already applied without a photo, you can send the photo to

Everyone must register again, even if they were registered last year/previously (does not apply to group leaders etc.) - this because we are then sure to have the correct information :)

Questions? Send an email to:

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