Volunteer @ Nattjazz? Count me in!

​Each year Nattjazz has over 300 volunteers before, during and after the 9 days of the festival - a fantastic staff that makes Nattjazz the best jazz festival in the country. 

In 2020 the festival spans from Friday May 22. to Saturday May 30.

As a Jazzworker (what we call the volunteers) at Nattjazz you get a festival pass + some extra benefits like reduced prices in bars, and: legendary parties.

To get a job as a volunteer you have to work 4 out of 9 days, meaning you get 5 days of free fun and top quality music! 

Please read the information on top of the form carefully!

NB! Please remember to upload a picture of yourself when applying. This makes it easier for us to remember you the following years. After all, 300 is a lot of people :) 


Questions? Email us at: 


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