Volunteer @ Nattjazz? Count me in!


What a time we live in.

Last year we saw social shutdown and canceled festivals, we saw digital solutions of various quality appear, and we saw volunteers all over the country who suddenly had nothing to volunteer for.

For Nattjazz, our mind is firstly set on one thing: live concerts with the audience present. And we want as many of them as possible. In 2021, we are therefore expanding the festival with 7 days, fully focused on a 16-day festival with 200 guests per day. Most days there are 2 concerts in Røkeriet and 1 in Studio USF.

Rules and regulations related to Covid-19 change from month to month, from week to week. We still do not know what opportunities and rules will apply to you as a volunteer when we are at the end of May - but we do know one thing: you as a volunteer will be more important this year than ever before in the festival's history.


The best way to experience your favorite artists is to be at work that day, but we are working hard to find solutions that will give all our volunteers a good festival experience, even with Covid-19 restrictions.

Live music. Real people on stage and on the floor. A shared unique experience. Do you remember?

Let's make it happen. 😍

Do you have questions? Send an e-mail to frivillig@nattjazz.no :)