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Commissioned work on tour

SIGNE EMMELUTH alto saxophone, electronics, vocals, composition GUOSTE TAMULYNAITE synth, vocals GURO S. MOE bass, vocals MAJA S. K. RATKJE vocals, violin, electronics ANNE "EFTERNØLER" ANDERSSON trumpet, vocals HEIDA KARINE JOHANNESDOTTIR MOBECK tuba, electronics, vocals JENNIFER TORRENCE percussion, vocals MAGNUS SKAVHAUG NERGAARD sound

The commissioned work from Vossa Jazz 2022 by the Danish saxophonist Signe Emmeluth is ready for Nattjazz. A banshee is a mythical figure that heralds death, destruction and grief with a shrill scream and powerful voice. Together with a stellar team of musicians, Emmeluth has created an existential work in which powerful and clear voices are intertwined. She herself describes Banshee as a "fearless tale of presence and moments" where the Banshee figure is not necessarily thought of as something frightening and horrifying, but rather a way of speaking to the time that flies by. Live life while you have it. What will we experience while we exist? What are we leaving behind? Are we present?

Photo: Margit Rønning Omholt

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