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Unique Bergen rap 

JONAS GRIEG vokal, elektronikk ERLEND LYNGSTAD elektronikk 

Since 2013, Linni, real name Jonas Grieg, has been the country's most productive rapper - in addition to 6 albums with Yoguttene, he has released 9 solo albums, a number of small releases and several hundred verses in total. He is regarded by many critics as one of the country's leading rappers, and on Neste Planet's second album "Kosmose" the Bergen native's innovative and unique approach to rap shines through to the full. 

The album was produced by Erlend Lyngstad, commonly known as Kvam, who is behind several hits and has worked with a wide range of trend-setting artists over the past decade. In parallel with their respective solo careers, Linni & The duo Neste Planet emerged, first as a break, but now as a celebration of life.

Where the previous critically acclaimed and spellman-nominated collaborations under the Linni umbrella have been self-examining and often introspective, Neste Planet is out on the other side of the tunnel: Uplifting and life-affirming everyday lyricism over eclectic sample-based play that dips its toe into elevator music jazz, space funk, head-nodding golden era beats and glitchy chipmunk soul. 

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