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Handpicked superband!

EIRIK HEGDAL woodwind, synth THEA GRANT vocals, effects JOSEFIN RUNSTEEN violin, mandola, vocals PER 'TEXAS' JOHANSSON saxophone, clarinet HÅVARD AUFLES keys, OLE MORTEN VÅGAN bass HANS HULBÆKMO drums, percussion, harmonica 

New band from Eirik Hegdal - tailored with musicians he has met, admired and played with. The former Trondheim Jazz Orchestra general brings with him Ole Morten Vågan from Motif, Anja Lauvdal from Moskus and Hans Hulbækmo from Atomic. Via another project, Thea Grant and Josefin Runsteen joined the team, while the old Bergen friend Per Texas joined the ship in pure admiration. The project, which started in a joint Dropbox account, got an intense record recording at the end of 2022, and is now on its way to Nattjazz with songs inspired by everything from Kate Bush via Altin Gün and Raymond Scott to Carla Bley. Music and a new album will also be released during the spring.     

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