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Palestinian powerhouse! 

EL FAR3I / TAREQ ABU KWAIK vocals, darbuka RAMZY SULEIMAN vocals, keys WALAA SBEIT vocals, bass, drums EL JEHAZ / HAMZA ARNAOUT electric guitar 

The origin of the genre Shamstep - where hip hop and electronica merge with melodies from the Middle East - brings the mix of Western pop culture and beats into Shaabi music and Palestinian cultural resistance. Intense energy – both musically and visually, hypnotic hooks and irresistible danceable riffs. The music that has resonated in the Arab music scene brings with it analog synths, hypnotic guitar riffs and moving vocals where the lyrics - in a mixture of English and Arabic - encourage celebration and fight for equality and freedom in Bilad al Sham and all over the world.  ;


47Soul originates from both Palestine and Jordan, and delivered a terrific concert at Nattjazz 2019 in front of a packed and boiling Sardinen. Now the band returns to the festival's main stage with an expanded line-up and a message more important than ever. 

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