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Monday May 29
Tuesday May 30

The magic voice

Five studio albums, six Norwegian Grammys and music capable of changing your life. The singer and songwriter phenomenon from Haugesund is playing the main stage for two evenings in a row with a mix of new material and old hits. Since her debut in 2007, she has steadily delivered masterpiece after masterpiece, flirting with both jazz and electronic music along the way - all the while making sure to give the audience a magical concert experience. Get ready for an evening with a full band and music from her entire career.

Photo: Raphael Chatëlain

Har du Festivalpass?  Denne konserten krever plassbillett for deg som har Festivalpass (ink. Usett eller Early Bird).
Se egen e-post (Usett-pass) eller Festivalpass-siden for mer info om plassbilletter.

NB! Konserten mandag 29. mai er inkludert i Nattpass 1
Konserten tirsdag 30. mai er inkludert i Nattpass 2

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