Saturday May 29 Røkeriet

Jaga Jazzist is back!

LARS HORNTVETH pedal steel, keys, sax, bass clarinette MARTIN HORNTVETH drums LINE HORNTVETH tuba, flute ØYSTEIN MOEN keys ERIK JOHANNESEN trombone ANDREAS MJØS guitar, vibrafon MARCUS FORSGREN guitar EVEN ORMESTAD bass ESPEN HØYDALSVIK sound

It is unbelievably 25 years since the band debuted with "A Livingroom Hush" - an album that created chaos in Norwegian genre thinking, and was named 'best jazz album of the year' by the BBC. For a quarter of a century, the collective has individually been premise suppliers in most of music life in Norway - as performers, producers and composers - from the Horntveths in The National Bank, from film music to Himmelblå to solo careers and tours with a-ha and Susanne Sundfør. And now they are back, fresher and more vital than ever.

The new album received rave reviews in Norwegian and international media, and was recorded in just two weeks in a cabin in a corona-free Sweden in 2019. The result is a meditatively harrowing, sci-fi electronic acoustic post-prog-jazz-rock album, and has been compared to both Khruangbin, Giorgio Moroder, Thundercat, Neu! and Fela Kuti. Is it jazz? Is it rock? Post-rock maybe? Who knows. At least there will be a myriad of acoustic and electronic instruments, and people who can really play them!

Jaga Jazzist has been one of Norwegian music's most stylishly distinctive bands, and is known for an uncompromising focus on quality on both albums and live shows. The main musical focus is the band's latest album "Pyramid", in addition to the occasional old hit from the band's rich musical archive. This will be fun!


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