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Saturday May 27.

Down to Earth Atmospheric jazz  


HARALD LASSEN saxophone, flute, piano SOLVEIG WANG synths, clarinet SANDER ERIKSEN NORDAHL guitar STIAN ANDERSEN bass TORE FLATJORD drums


Multi-instrumentalist Harald Lassen is back with a newly renovated band and a new record where we meet an energetic improviser and songwriter who invites both fellow musicians and the audience into the space he has created, with room for both great seriousness and sly smiles. Together with a tightly coordinated band, he takes the listener on a liberating adventure. Beyond the roots in Norwegian jazz, we also know Harald Lassen as the epic sax boy in the pop band No. 4, and in collaboration with Cassandra Jenkins and Frida Ånnevik.

Foto: Gedvile Tamosiunaite

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Harald Lassens fjerde og kritikarroste album «Balans» er ute no! 

«Jazzsaksofonist Harald Lassen har laget et av de mest originale og medrivende stykkene musikk på veldig, veldig lenge.» - Morgenbladet

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