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Day passes (unnumbered standing places) apply to all concerts on the same day at USF Verftet. The concerts in Studio USF require a placeholder ticket in addition to the Day Pass. There is an 18 year age limit. Purchased tickets may not be changed or refunded.


* The concerts in Studio USF require a placeholder ticket in addition to a Day pass due to limited capacity on this stage. Placeholder tickets are issued when artists are released to this venue. If you have already purchased a Day Pass, you will receive an email when these tickets are available

Nattjazz follows at all times the applicable rules associated with Covid-19. This means that if the rules so require, the Day Pass will be seated, at a capacity of 200 or fewer seats. Should the capacity be expanded, the Day pass will be unnumbered standing places.


The organizer has the right to cancel the event. In case of canceled event, tickets, with a deduction for ticket fee, will be refunded. The ticket buyer can not make any other demands than this. Cancellation in a force majeure situation is regulated in its entirety by the force majeure point below. If cancellation is due to decisions/regulations in connection with Covid-19, purchased tickets will be refunded (save the ticket fee).

Force majeure

Force majeure are extraordinary situations that are beyond the Organizer's control and that significantly impede rational implementation of the event or fulfillment of other obligations under the agreement (including, but not limited to, hurricane, tsunami, outbreaks, terrorist attacks, pandemics, epidemics, fires, strikes). , societal threats involving restrictions, orders, recommendations or the like from the authorities, national mourning, floods, storms, natural disasters).

The effect of force majeure: In the event of force majeure, the Organizer's obligations towards the ticket buyer will lapse, including the Organizer's responsibility for the implementation of the event, the ticket buyer's right to a refund of ticket price and ticket fee, compensation or price reduction. The ticket buyer can also not make other claims against the Organizer.

Discount tickets (limited number)

Students / Youth: applies to students with a valid student ID / youth under 28 years of age with valid identification.

BT Fordel: applies to subscribers to Bergens Tidende with a valid BT Fordel card.

NOTE! Valid proof / identification must be presented at the entrance!


Ticket prices are subject to change without notice. Tickets cannot be changed or refunded due to program changes.

Reimbursement is only made by canceling an entire day or as a result of restrictions in connection with Covid-19.


Limited number of discount tickets.

Day passes (unnumbered standing places) apply to all concerts on the same day. Subject to program changes.

There is a photo ban on all concerts during Nattjazz unless otherwise stated from the stage. It is not allowed to bring a video camera, SLR camera, etc. into the festival area.


Guardianship form
Nattjazz has an age limit of 18 years of age. Younger guests must have a guardian. Guardian must be over 25 years old.


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