Tuesday May 25 USF Røkeriet

This year, Bergen Big Band turns 30 and they will present as many as ten projects. One of them is a commissioned work by Marius Neset. Marius Neset is from Os, but he studied in Copenhagen. In 2016, he was the only European name on the list when Downbeat was to list the 25 most important jazz musicians for the future. And it was a good thing they did, because in recent years this star has appeared at the top of the poster when major international festivals have launched their programs.

The conversations between Marius Neset and Bergen Big Band started in 2019. They knew each other well  and there was a very positive atmosphere from the first meeting. The musical chemistry was immediate, something the guests at Nattjazz in got to experience when Marius appeared on stage with Bergen Big Band in 2019.

Marius Neset, about the project, the music and Bergen Big Band:

"I am really looking forward to working with this band. At the moment I'm having really fun composing new music for the band, and it's incredibly exciting to see what comes out of this.

The music I am currently writing is a pretty big contrast to the time we are in now.

The last year has been special, and it has been impossible to avoid the fact that the music I have composed for other projects in 2020 in one way or another has been influenced by that time. For some reason, the music I write now bears the mark of an optimistic and positive atmosphere, something I hope will make for a good experience when we will premiere the music at Nattjazz. At the moment I have a lonely life in the studio where I write music inspired by everything from African grooves to composers like Ligeti, Joe Zawinul, Hans Abrahamsen, Beethoven, The Beatles and much more. To retrieve inspirations from so much different music from different periods, trying to make it glide into each other in a natural way and at the same time try to put a personal touch on it, is one of the most exciting things I can imagine.

I still do not know what the finished result will be, but it will be a nice mix of

well-composed themes and long suites, with shorter themes and plenty of room for

improvisation. In addition to having a strong common expression and sound, there are also many fantastic soloists in the Bergen Big Band, which I hope will get a lot of room. In addition, I have with me Anton Eger on drums, possibly the person who has played my music

the most in the whole world, he has a rhythmic surplus that is absolutely insane. I'm looking forward to this concert like a kid, it's going to be a lot of fun! ”

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Photo Marius Neset: Lisbeth Holten


Marius Neset sax, komposisjoner

Michael Barnes altsax, sopran og klarinett
Paul Fawcus altsax, fløyter
Elisabeth Lid Trøen tenorsax, fløyter
Aksel Røed tenorsax, bassklarinett

Shannon Mowday sax

Martin Winter trompet
Svein Giske trompet
Are Ovesen trompet
Børge Styve trompet

Sindre Dalhaug trombone
Øyvind Hage trombone
Pål Roseth trombone
Tore Bryne Berg  trombone

Dag S. Arnesen flygel
Ivar Kolve vibrafon
Thomas Dahl gitar
Magne Thormodsæter bass

Knut Aalefjær trommer