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Saturday June 3.

New music from Thomas Dahl!


THOMAS T DAHL composer, guitar, voice, electronics SISSEL VERA PETTERSEN saxophone, voice, electronics VESLEMØY NARVESEN drums, voice MATS EILERTSEN bass, electronics


Four listening musicians who individually bring a unique voice into the wide jazz landscape, take on compositions by Thomas Dahl - where everyone together has free rein to push the music in whatever direction they wish. Although the starting point may be complex and abstract, Dahl has always had a layer of eye-catching pop flair, and this is no exception. A literally unique chance to hear what magic four master musicians can spontaneously share together. 


As a member of Krøyt, Dingobats, BMX and Voksne Herrers Orkester, or as a mercenary for Lill Lindfors, Ephemera and Herborg Kråkevik, Thomas Dahl has always managed to make the musicians and music around him better. He has a colossal technique which he shows off in tasteful doses, combined with a genre-crossing enthusiasm that handles everything from metal to free jazz to pop.

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