Ekstra billetter

Torsdag 27. mai 10:00

Bergen følger nå nasjonale Covid-regler.

Vi har lagt ut et begrenset antall ekstra billetter til alle resterende dager.

Det er ikke lenger spiseplikt ved kjøp av alkoholholdig drikke. 

Nye artister + nye billetter





Ettersom de utenlandske artistene desverre måtte kanselleres har vi måtte gjøre omrokkeringer i programmet. Nye billetter er lagt ut på disse fire, med nye artister som selskap i Røkeriet: 

Silja Sol // Juno - 5. juni

Arild Andersen // New Dance - 27. mai

Arild Andersen // Lilja - 28. mai

Thea Wang // Modal Afrique - 2. juni

Siril Malmedal Hauge // Hildegunn Øiseth Quartet - 3. juni


Vi minner at du som hadde billett til de kansellerte dagene får disse refundert. Du må altså kjøpe ny billett til disse artistene. 


Due to entry restrictions for foreign artists, these concerts are in danger of being canceled. Ticket sales for these days have been paused. In the event of cancellation, ticket buyers will receive an e-mail and the tickets will be refunded. Norwegian artists who play the same day will be staged again .

These artists have now been canceled: John Scofield Trio // Ghost-Note // El Comité // Daniel Bingert Jazz 7 // Amason // Avishai Cohen Trio // Les Amazones D'Afrique // Johan Lindström Septett // Mazur/ Balke/ Snekkestad Trio

100 tickets pr day

20. March 2021: 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we now have a limit of a 100 tickets pr festival day.

16 day festival in 2021!

Nattjazz 2021 // May 21st - June 5th


Nattjazz extends the festival period by 7 days in 2021 and creates the longest Nattjazz in the festival's history. With the current restrictions on cultural events, we are now planning a festival that runs over 16 days with 2-3 concerts every day.


Only 200 tickets are issued per day, and only Day passes. The capacity can be changed by major rule changes, but if you want to be sure to get the good Nattjazz feeling, you should secure a ticket as early as possible!


A large number of the artists who were booked for 2020 have agreed to participate in 2021, and we are very much looking forward to having them on stage in Røkeriet!

Ticket sales and program releases start on Tuesday 12 January.